eGamingGameTech Accelerate: The Future of Gaming

GameTech Accelerate: The Future of Gaming

In the labyrinthine realm of digital entertainment, the winds of change are whispering of a fresh epoch — one where innovation and strategic collaborations are setting sail towards undiscovered horizons. At the heart of this transformative journey stands the Indian gaming colossus, Games24x7, clasping hands with the Karnataka government in an alliance that heralds a groundbreaking chapter for interactive leisure. Their conjoined vision, baptized as ‘GameTech Accelerate – The Future of Gaming,’ is not merely an alliance; it is a farsighted accelerator program meticulously architected to foster, edify, and bolster online gaming startups, those bold pioneers who dare to bring forth trailblazing and sustainable solutions.

Within the animated ecosystem of the gaming industry, we find a lush canvas upon which the ingenuity of human experience meets the precision of advanced technology, creating a vibrant field that has experienced a meteoric ascent in its trajectory. This sector, once perceived as the haunt of a dedicated few, has burgeoned into a formidable pillar of the digital economy, proffering a plethora of employment avenues and becoming a crucible for unbridled inventive flair. This remarkable evolution is vividly manifest in India, characterized by the online gaming sector’s dizzying pace of growth. Here, a demographic dividend is emerging: a burgeoning middle class with expanding pockets and an insatiable zest for the fruits of the digital entertainment tree.

The Initiative 

Games24x7 stands as a beacon within this flourishing Indian gaming domain. It is a brainchild conceived in the minds of Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy, economists with the sage-like insights of their New York University tutelage, who sculpted it into existence in the hallowed year of 2006. Through their vision, Games24x7 burgeoned, claiming its realm in the auspicious world of skill-based gaming, spawning formidable progenies such as RummyCircle, My11 Circle, and the joyous playground of UGames. In the grand tapestry of its achievements, 2022 enshrined a pivotal milestone when the company

held aloft the unicorn standard with pride, propelled by an influx of $75 million in a Series C funding round — a distinction held by only a select few in the Indian gaming panorama. Yet the narrative of ‘GameTech Accelerate’ isn’t merely a new jewel to bedeck the crown of Games24x7 — far from it. This initiative is an embodiment, a declaration of the company’s unwavering dedication to sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship and kindling the fires of innovation within the expansive fields of the gaming industry. Encompassing an elaborate spectrum — from the creation of diverse and engaging game genres to the heightened precision of real-time analytics, and the fortifications of security against the Machiavellian machinations of cheating, to fostering a greater communion between game and gamer — the accelerator program is casting an ensemble of support and guidance to startups eager to carve their mark in the gaming universe, poised to devise transformative solutions.

The Verticals of Initiative 

For the selected entrants, ‘GameTech Accelerate’ promises an odyssey through the profoundly enriching realm of mentorship, helmed by the sages from Games24x7, the oracles from AWS, and the vanguards among investors. This initiative unspools a tapestry of connectivity, binding these nascent startups with a nexus of potential investors, and providing a fertile ground from which the seeds of capital can burgeon. The revelation of the elected startups looms on the horizon, marked by the upcoming GAFX event in the pulsating heart of Bengaluru, followed in the spring of March by an investor gala.

This confluence of ambition and expertise, as found in the strategic alliance of Games24x7 with the Karnataka Government, embodies a profound testament to a joint mission: to sculpt an echelon of the future, where the gaming industry is not just an echo of the present but a prelude to the magnificence of possibilities. It resonates with Karnataka’s prophecy to emerge as a bastion of innovation and technological prowess while juxtaposing Games24x7’s renowned saga of delivering captivating gaming experiences imbued with the rigour of scientific inquiry and groundbreaking solutions. The partnership stands as a paragon, showcasing how titans of industry, like Games24x7, can kindle the brilliance of entrepreneurship, steering innovation and marshalling the expansive growth of the nation’s digital frontiers.

Echoing the profound ambitions of this initiative, Rajat Bansal, the Chief Technology Officer of Games24x7, articulates a clarion call: “In unison with the Government of Karnataka, our aspirations soar to nurture entrepreneurship and champion innovation within the gaming industry. The ‘GameTech Accelerate’ program is a reflection of our resolute promise to unshackle the latent potential that abounds in gaming. Our winners will bask not only in recognition and wisdom but will stand before potential investors, ready to weave their visionary blueprints into the tangible fabric of success.”

Thus, ‘GameTech Accelerate’, stands not simply as a project, but as a harbinger of optimism for those entrepreneurial spirits in the domain of gaming. It stands as a testament to the invigorating power of collaboration and innovation, echoing the signal that the future of India’s gaming vision is not merely luminous but is, indisputably, surging towards splendorous heights.


The initiative carries a solemn vow: that the zenith of gaming is upon us and the sagas of triumph are waiting to be written by the gladiators of creativity and technology. The GameTech Accelerate initiative is a testament to the burgeoning potential of the online gaming sector in India, It is a bold step towards a future where innovation is nurtured, entrepreneurship is celebrated, and the gaming industry reaches new heights of success and recognition. The future of gaming in India is here, and it is brighter than ever.


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