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Development of the E-sports Industry


In recent years, the e-sports industry has been recognised as a global phenomenon. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, there have been several rapid advancements in technologies and various constant innovations. The eSports industry has seen tremendous growth in various terms such as viewership, revenue, participation and global recognition. The e-sports industry has potentially engaged a large number of audience. Gaming live streaming, and online games have gained worldwide popularity. The active participation in eSports from various countries has encouraged positive engagement with online gaming or the eSports Industry. The successful participation of Indian eSports teams, such as Entity Gaming, in international tournaments like the ROG Masters Asia-Pacific Finals and the Commonwealth eSports championships has showcased the talent and potential of Indian gamers on a global platform. Such active participation in eSports has given global recognition and has been instrumental in aspiring gamers to consider gaming as a viable career option, paving the way for more opportunities in the eSports industry.

Participation of India in the e-sports industry

India has seen a surge in active participation and popularity in a competitive e-sports environment. 

  • India has actively participated in international-level e-sports tournaments. Asian Games in 2023 is set to mark the competitive debut of esports as an official event. Participating nations will compete for seven different esports titles. India is set to participate in four of these events: 
  • DOTA 2, FIFA Online 4 (FIFAe), League of Legends (LoL), and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (SFV).
  • Online gaming live streaming has also gained popularity among viewers & players. From BGMI To Counter-Strike, DOTA to Free Fire, India’s Online Gaming ‘Content Creators’ are on a roll.

E-sports events or tournaments at International level

  1. Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). 
  2. E-Olympics- The Olympic Esports Series 2023.
  3. The Asian Games 2023.
  4. E-commonwealth.
  5. World Championship 2023

Policy outlooks: Recent rules & regulations on online gaming in India:

  1. Intermediary Guidelines(Online gaming rules): These rules came on April 6, 2023, in the form of intermediary guidelines and the Digital Media Ethics Code. The rules talk about establishing self-regulation through self-regulatory bodies (SRBs). 
  2. 28% GST on online gaming: Recently, the finance ministry proposed to levy a 28% tax on online gaming. This policy will be implemented from 1st October 2023 and will be reviewed after 6 months of its implementation.  
  3. Online gaming content regulation by the I&B ministry: Online gaming content is brought under the ‘Ministry of Information and Broadcasting’. Also, recently, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry issued a fresh advisory cautioning media entities, newspapers and digital media outlets, asking them to refrain from airing advertisements promoting betting and gambling platforms or identical activities.


In recent years, e-sports have gained significant popularity in India and worldwide. Professional e-sports teams have emerged and represented the county in international e-sports tournaments. Over recent years, the e-sports industry has also attracted sponsors and e-sports tournaments have attracted a significant amount of viewers. The e-sports is now also seen as a career opportunity. Various international-level e-sports tournaments have been encouraged at global forums. The government recognition and new rules & regulations have further advanced the e-sports industry in India. With increasing popularity and participation along with infrastructure development, the e-sports industry is set to grow as a major player in the e-sports landscape. 



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